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January 2019

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 The Greater Leviathan, Kath'Wyn

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PostSubject: The Greater Leviathan, Kath'Wyn   Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:19 pm

No name sends fear into the denizens of Eastern Australia than Kath'Wyn. Arriving on the shores of the land Down Under in 2021, ten years after the Awakening. He tore apart any magical opposition to his new rule, and set about making himself the top of the power pyramid on the continent. He is known to have fingers in many pies, including Renraku, Ares, Dyson and Lone Star, to name a few.

The plague of Infected starting in 2064 in Melbourne was believed to be the result of one of his experiments, and when the pressure of the rising number of Infected become enough to start drawing the eyes of the important people, Kath'Wyn led a team of Renraku's elite security into their hidden tunnels to destroy the Infected menace. He was the only one to return, exhausted and bloodied. This began a personal war between Kath'Wyn and the Infected of Australia that has lasted over a decade.

He makes his residence in the massive Renraku Arcology in the Port Phillip bay. Several of the levels closest to the water are reserved for employees, guests, and of course, the Leviathan itself.

Over the past six months, the Leviathan has grown agitated, the pressure for him to finally end the war against the Infected beginning to show its toll. He has been making bigger fights, and taking bigger gambles. Everyone can feel the situation is coming to a head.
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The Greater Leviathan, Kath'Wyn
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