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 The Sauvagess Family

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PostSubject: The Sauvagess Family   Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:25 pm

The Sauvagess family is the most powerful and influential family in Australia. Based out of Melbourne, where the patriarch is head of Renraku's Asia-Pacific division, their finance and influence reaches across the country. If they find something beyond their reach, their pull with Renraku generally assures them whatever they need.

Notable Members

Alexandre Sauvagess. Patriarch of the family, Alexandre is in his mid fifties. His whole body is sculpted perfection thanks to the Renraku dollar. Understanding that their head man needs to look a million nuyen, they have put at least that amount into making him look the part. Wrinkle-less, white hair-less, ageless, he is the picture of a CEO. He is professional and polite, but does not tolerate waste or foolishness.

Maria Sauvagess. Despite pressure from the company, Alexandre married for love, not status. Plain of face, but full of sophistication and grace, Maria found the role of wife suited her perfectly. While she has supported her husband his whole career, Maria has always stood strong outside of the company, taking place in many prominent charity events. In the last six months, however, Maria has dropped out of the public eye.

Allegra Saugagess. Only daughter to the Sauvagess family, Allegra is heiress to a massive dynasty. Plagued with serious illness in her youth, Allega's life was saved by a serious of serious medical treatments, funded by Renraku. During her teenage years she showed no appreciation for this, rebelling against her father and the company at every chance. Six months ago, however, she disappeared for two weeks, and upon returning, had transformed into the perfect, submissive daughter.
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The Sauvagess Family
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